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Vol. 4 (No. 1) 2024 March

Vol. 4 (No. 1) 2024 March | p.p. 3-18
Research Article
Vincenzino Salimbeni, Canio Martinelli, Lavinia Porto, Maria Le Donne, Angela Alibrandi, Francesco Di Pierro, Flaviana Cau, Roberta Granese, Vito Iannone, Liliana Marchetta, Alfredo Ercoli
Vol. 4 (No. 1) 2024 March | p.p. 19-28
Research Article
Rossella De Luca, Pasquale Vitale, Antonio Galvano, Gerardo Rosati, Ilaria Di Giovanni, Antonino Grassedonia, Giuseppe Lo Re, Raffaele Addeo, Giuseppe Cicero
Vol. 4 (No. 1) 2024 March | p.p. 29-39
Carlotta Nerini, Sharon Burk, Emanuela Andretta, Andrea Chirico, Antonio Giordano


Dear Collegues,

From March 2021 Annals of Research  in Oncology has started its online publication, reaching one goal expand the oncology horizon and to encourage high-quality international research.
It publishes rigorously peer-reviewed manuscripts, providing broad coverage of all aspects of Oncology, across a lot of themed sections…

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From March 2021 Annals of Research in Oncology has started its online publication


Aim and scope

Cancer is a highly heterogeneous multifaceted disease, which represents a global health challenge and requires a multidisciplinary integrated approach to be defeated. Annals of Research  in Oncology  aims to build bridges across different cancer disciplines…

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Annals of Research  in Oncology is the gateway to increasing your market share. Our accomplished readers direct major research programs, spend millions on supplies and equipment, and recommend patient therapies…

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Edra designs advanced solutions that reshape the value chain and contribute to tangibly building the future of the Healthcare system. Edra designs new processes, new platforms, new systems to improve the knowledge and the decisions of patients…

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