Call for Papers




Dear Collegues,

From March 2021 Annals of Research  in Oncology has started its online publication, reaching one goal:  expand the oncology horizon and to encourage high-quality international research.

It publishes rigorously peer-reviewed manuscripts, providing broad coverage of all aspects of oncology, across a lot of themed sections such as Cancer Genetics, Cancer Immunology and immunotherapy, Cancer Pharmacology, Cancer Imaging and Radiotherapy, Nutrition and cancer and so on.


We would like to encourage you all to submit your papers to the Journal. 

we are tentatively aiming to dedicate the September ARO Issue to Covid-19, cancer and inflammation. We think that it could be the greatest time to share our research, to point out the major criticalities concerning cancer research and management during the pandemic era, proposing new strategies for the future.
With this object in mind, we would like to encourage you all to submit your contributions or to indicate us valuable experts in the field mentioned above.
Ideally, as we will be working with a quite tight timeframe, we will need most contributions in house by June 1st.


The Journal accepts Research ArticlesOpinion PapersReviews and much more.

All papers will be subjected to the normal peer revision by an international forum of independent experts. We strive to provide our authors with quick turnaround and publication time.

Please, visit the page Submit  to consult the full instructions and contact the Editorial Office for all the information you may need to complete your manuscript submission:


This is an open invitation and we would be gratified if you would share this information with your colleagues and friends.

We thank you in advance for your attention and look forward to hosting your paper on Annals of Research  in Oncology






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