Aim and scope

Cancer is a highly heterogeneous multifaceted disease, which represents a global health challenge and requires a multidisciplinary integrated approach to be defeated. Annals of Research  in Oncology  (ISSN: 2785-2512) aims to build bridges across different cancer disciplines providing a unique platform for the publication of cutting-edge research, spanning the broad areas of basic, translational and clinical oncology.

This scenario demands new tools to stimulate and support the international research network promoting interaction within the many different Oncology fields, including those studying novel agents and molecular mechanisms underlying cancer development and progression; tumor heterogeneity and evolution; cancer inflammation; immunology and microenvironment; biomarker and drug discovery; new precision medicine and combination strategies; development of resistance; new cancer models and new technologies for cancer diagnosis, screening, imaging and treatment; cancer bioinformatics and systems biology.

Annals of Research  in Oncology aims to be a large and common space to present studies, projects and define priorities promoting collaborations and innovative reflections, which can give rise to debate between different colleagues.

This, therefore, wants to be an invitation to make a personal contribution to the journal, to share and promote scientific research performed with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Specifically, Annals of Research in Oncology applies a single-blind improved transparent, fair and constructive review process . It is a quarterly and open access journal. The months of publication are: March, June, September and December. 

Authors publish open access under the terms of the Creative Commons License, type CC BY-NC
(Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License).


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