Experimental radiation oncology. A real evolution towards a precision therapy?

Along the last two decades an incredible amount of knowledge concerning the molecular pathways, and the immunobiological and microenvironmental mechanisms allowing cancer development, the mechanisms of metastases and treatment resistance, has risen thanks to a multidisciplinary coordinated efforts. At the present, clinicians can count on a clearer picture that allows them to define the best oncological treatment ona personalized based medicine. On these grounds, we believe that both radiation therapy (RT) and oncological pharmacology (including chemo-immuno and molecular-target therapy) are two fields in which a strong cooperation and a mutual exchange of information and scientific integration are needed.
This work is therefore, directed readers involved in specialties in the attempt to provide a common scientific perspective.
RT contributes to the success of most oncological multi-disciplinary treatments, but its inherent role is less easily understandable by clinical oncologists on mechanistic bio-molecular grounds, compared to pharmacological agents. The present manuscript addresses this shortcoming, for possible experimental developments aimed at “precision RT”.

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Table of Content: Vol. 2 (No. 3) 2022 September

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