Through and beyond Covid-19 pandemic: a new scenario for cardioncology

Covid-19 pandemic has completely overthrown health system organization but at the same time it has provided the proof that the patterns of care could rapidly adapt to new circumstances. Social distancing and limited access to hospitals have proven to be a valid tool to reduce Sars-Cov2 infection but they could be useful to control many other infective diseases, especially for frail patients as people with cancer are. In a model of chronic care for long-term cancer patients and/or within a survivorship program for cured patients, Cardioncology should built upon the experience of Covid pandemic and set new management strategies to provide top level care for a wide and increasing patient population. Telemedicine, patients and caregivers empowerment together with dedicated resources are mandatory to set a real change in cardiac care for cancer patients through and beyond pandemic.

The crisis caused by Covid-19 requires the remodeling of cardioncology in order to avoid the Sars COV-2 infection. Telemedicine and the re-engineering of management algorithms can represent a valid tool for the prevention and treatment of cardiotoxicity.

Table of Content: Vol. 1 (No. 4) 2021 December

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